Wednesday, November 26, 2008

netifera beta was released at XCON2008

A couple of the guy and I came to Beijing, China to talk about netifera.
For those who has been living under a rock, netifera is the next generation, ass-kicking platform for security tools done in Java supporting multiple OS's and remote tools execution with an awesome piece of code called 'peludo' and it's partner called 'the probe'.

If you are interested in reading the presentation you can take a look at it here at the end of this post and also I'd recommend to download netifera and try it.

At this moment netifera beta builds for Linux and Mac OS X are available for download HERE (yes, dumb-ass, click here!) and also you will find a startup guide explaining some interesting aspects of it along with it's installation process which is really simple. In a future we'll have the windows version available also, but not yet :)

All the feedback will be very appreciated and if you are interested on seeing something implemented on netifera for the next release, let us know. I cannot make promises but we'll surely appreciate everyones opinions (if they match our opinions... ehehehe).

There are some interesting posts at the netifera blog here so you should take a look at it.

Here are the slides of the presentation.. have fun: