Sunday, October 12, 2008

New dreams, new challenges, old friends... Netifera

What am I talking about? It's about something that I've been waiting for long time. It's the opportunity to create something from scratch, being able to do something awesome and share it with others, working with incredible intelligent people, creating a cutting edge security related stuff which will blow everyone' head off ... all this things I've described and more are the things I feel about working on Netifera, the next generation multi-platform security framework.
We all have bunch of experience in the security field but saying it is one thing and proving it is another so we'll try to probe the last one by creating the ultimate security platform.
If you are interested on what I talking about then stay tuned and also checkout Netifera website to see the news about this kick-ass tool :)


Alfred said...

Screenshots please!

topo said...

be patient... but if you want to see netifera's first presentation you can go to XCON 2008 conference and see it right there...

Cephexin said...

Hey mate
That's great. I would be grateful to assist you all if there's anything left to do, or pending or some such.

Keep it up.