Friday, December 12, 2008

netifera beta 2 is out!

If you are a lazy bastard who didn't contact us to receive notification about netifera then move your lazy ass and and download it HERE.

This version doesn't include any new exciting eye-candy feature but it does have something new. If you like developing security stuff then you'll probably love this release cause you will be able to develop sniffing modules by following the Sniffing Module Tutorial in the documentation section of netifera home page.

This is just the first one of a series of articles about how to create your own sniffing modules and integrate them into netifera either by using a your favorite text editor and a script or using Eclipse (which is now the number one IDE in my list). you may think that it's more comfortable not to use Eclipse but I promise you that once you try it, you love it and you want to keep using it every time.

If you are interested in the changes/bug fixes done for this beta 2 then take a look at the changelog.